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Community/Library Use DVD Set

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Discounted for educational use in community organizations, public libraries and K-12 schools, the Community Use DVD Set includes a limited license for wide-use or public screenings (PPR) without paid admission, plus our promotional assistance, including an event posting on the Under Our Skin Facebook page. For events of over 100 people or if you plan on charging admission, please choose the Films + Extended License option ($279) or, if you have already purchased a Community Use DVD, please pay for the Extended License only ($200). If you would like to use the film as part of a fundraiser or plan to charge more than $15 per ticket, please contact us.

This special 2-DVD set includes the newly-updated Director's Cut of Under Our Skin plus the sequel Emergence.  The original film includes 15-minutes of restored footage, re-edited scenes and character updates. The DVD comes with over 30 minutes of bonus footage, plus subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Norwegian, as well as English closed-captioning. (100 min., © 2008-2014)

In the sequel Emergence, the filmmakers catch-up with the characters and controversies seven years after the original film. What is revealed is the extent of a global emerging epidemic as well as the emergence of truth and hope. Includes English and German sub-titles and closed-captioning. New eco-friendly DVD wallet case. (60 min., © 2014)

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