What does your Lyme look like?

Look of Lyme is a new initiative by the makers of UNDER OUR SKIN to bring your personal stories of suffering and courage into the limelight. While the Internet and social media have exploded with personal videos, there is no place that serves as a repository and archive of the ever widening landscape of Lyme disease. Look of Lyme changes that, offering a way to make the personal political by harnessing the power of media crowdsourcing. Our individual stories create a collective story that cannot be dismissed! After receiving your videos and editing them for brevity, consistency and branding, we'll present them on a new YouTube channel accessible to millions worldwide. 

We've created a set of guidelines that will assist you technically and in terms of content. Our list of questions is just a start. We want you to express your unique self and really show it like it is! 

Make Your Video!

Using the guidelines that you just viewed or printed out, you're ready to show the world on camera what Lyme looks like. When you've finished the filming and saved your digital footage to disk, you can easily begin the submission process by clicking the button below. After agreeing to legal terms that give us the right to edit and show your footage in UNDER OUR SKIN related projects, the upload process is super easy! As always, feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.